Vision & Mission


We are moving forward with a vision to prepare students for the 21st century challenges, through progressive educational institutions that work towards producing highly skilled individuals and innovative thinkers. We aspire to educate the “whole” Child not only academically but also by polishing all facets of his/her individually and to nurture the excellent that he/she is naturally bestowed with.

We urge to develop well rounded, confident and excellent individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential and turn up into responsible citizens and leaders for tomorrow.


Obsessed with an unrelenting focus on academic excellence, Birla Open Minds International SchoolNaubatpur looks ahead with the zeal in upbringing students in a diverse learning environment.

Ramanujam Welfare & Educational Trust (RWET) vows to continually strive and instill an intrinsic desire in the students as to always strive to meet the high expectations they have set for themselves, no matter what their goals are. As its best part RWET offer its students an individualized academic experience shaped by a trans disciplinary approach that challenges and prepares them to effectively reach them to their future goals.

We aim and strive to assist the total development of a child in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and cultural aspects too. We at Birla always strive to build institutions that uphold the highest professional Standards of excellence in education and innovative instructional practices at its best level.

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